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visit your venue with your photographer

Why should your wedding photographer visit your venue

The wedding photographer is a unique service, their job is to capture the atmosphere, the special moments and the love between you as a couple.

This is why when selecting a wedding photographer there are lots of things to consider other than the price, you need someone who can capture your day in a way that you can hold onto forever. You need someone who understands you, who is willing to take the time to get to know you both as a couple and your vision. You need someone who cares.

So with this in mind, we would like to talk you through the valuable experience of visiting the venue with the photographer prior to the big day. This is a service not offered by all photographers because it obviously takes up time and is essentially more work but here at Capture This Moment we believe that the value gained through this exercise makes it worthwhile.


Why should your wedding photographer visit your venue?


Capture your vision

It’s one thing explaining to your photographer your plans for the big day but it’s something entirely different to show them. When you choose a venue, you are doing more than selecting a building, you have chosen your dream.


A good photographer will ask you your reasons behind your venue choice. A good photographer will want to see your favourite features. A good photographer will listen to you carefully as you walk and talk. A good photographer wants to understand your vision so that they can recapture this in the photography.


Capture the best shots

Every aspect of a wedding should be planned in great detail this includes the photography. It’s not just finding the places to take the shots with maximum impact, a photographer must also consider the lighting. The time of day, time of year and weather will all effect this and they need to prepare by planning appropriate locations for all eventualities. There are additional things to consider such as how the environment might be affected, for example if there has been a lot of rain the grassy areas might be out of bounds.


Capture the essence of you  

The most valuable purpose of visiting the venue with the photographer is for you all to get to know each other a little better in the most appropriate setting. You have to feel comfortable enough with them to be natural in front of the camera. When you are all at ease with each other and you trust them, it shows in the images. This allows them to capture the moments that really represent the essence of you as a couple and your big day.


Capture This Moment  

Here at Capture This Moment in Gloucestershire, visiting the venue is simply part of the service. We believe strongly in the benefits and see the results in the final images. For a free consultation contact us today.


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