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Why your business needs a face - headshots

Why Your Business Brand Needs a Face

To be the face of your business means that you as an individual are the physical representation of the company. It means that when people see your face they will associate it instantly with the brand and when they engage with the business in anyway, they know they are engaging directly with you.  


There are many advantages to having a face to your business and if you are the driving force behind it then it makes sense that this face is you. In this post we will explore why having a personal touch to your business brand is beneficial by identifying the key reasons why your business brand needs a face and top tips to making it happen.


People want to do business with people

In the digital faceless world we live in, we are still human beings who crave connection. This is why people want to do business with other people. If a customer is going to choose you over the bigger brand alternatives, you want to give them a good reason. You want to show them that you are different, that you give additional value and that you are worth investing in. It is far harder to communicate this when you only talk from behind a logo.


It is a known fact that building up the know, like and trust element to your business will help you to convert more customers. This is the process that that an individual will become aware of your business (know) and over an observation period they will ascertain if they like the business and then crucially if they can trust it. They will not be willing to exchange money for products or services without trust. Putting yourself as the face of the business makes this process easier for your potential customers because they will base their judgements on a real person.


By sharing your face, you also have the opportunity to share yourself, your story, your experiences and your vulnerability. This opens you up to the public and gives your business the human touch. Having you as the face allows people to confidently approach you which opens dialogue, deepens the relationship and is more likely to lead to conversions.


Create a consistent marketing strategy fit for 2019

The key to any marketing strategy is to be consistent across all platforms. Your message should be on brand with every work you write and every image you upload. Having a clear representative communicating with your followers makes this consistency easier to manage and demonstrate.


The online world of business is set for big changes in 2019 and the focus is on driving more meaningful interactions. Take Facebook for example, they have announced big changes to the way that they will allow businesses to push their promotions onto followers by reducing the reach of salesy post to zero. Instead Facebook will prioritise conversation and engagement (this has been the case for some time but it will be intensified over the next few months).


Facebook own Instagram and other platforms are looking at doing the same so there has never been a more important time to show your business as a brand that can be related and connected to. Having a clear, approachable, trustworthy face is a great tool to do this with.


How to become the Face

So you know the value of being the face of your business, how do you actually achieve it? Check out our top tips..

  • Feature on your website, especially the about page

  • Write content from yourself - this can be on social media, blogs or videos

  • Talk about your business on your personal profiles as well

  • Network both online and offline

  • Get a professional photoshoot done with a photographer you trust

Why your business needs a face


Capture Your Business Moment

Here at Capture this Moment, we want to give you the tools to make meaningful connections and professional, high quality images are a key component to becoming the face of your business. If you would like to discuss how we can bring your business alive, representing you in your workplace and showing you in your best light then contact us today for a free consultation.

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