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Bride and Groom during their winter wedding

Winter Weddings | How to Have a Very Merry Wedding

Winter weddings are magical and planning a winter wedding can result in a very stylish unique day. So how to have a merry wedding?   Brides Magazine has a great article on planning your winter wedding.


Here are also my tips to be considered when planning for your individual day.


Pretty light for a winter weddingWinter Wedding Tip - Check your location is winter proof


When planning a wedding in the depth of winter the location is a make or break decision. Your image of a beautiful festive wedding might be a frosty, misty morning with blue skies and the sun reflecting off the glistening dew but the reality is that it’s just as likely to rain. If this does happen or even if it has rained at any point in December, find out if your location is likely to get waterlogged? Also on the same note, consider if your guests will be able to park their cars easily or will they get stuck in a muddy field?  

Before you book, double check the venues ventilation system, if it isn’t up to scratch and the heating is on with large number of your guests all in one room, it could potentially get stuffy and hot, making guests feel suffocated.  

The best locations are those where everything can be done in one (warm and well ventilated) venue, keep in mind that churches can be cold and the whole process of moving location between the ceremony and the reception could leave your guests wet and cold. Some may also be wary to drive on icy roads. 

This is why the lavish and luxurious manor houses are absolutely perfect venues for winter weddings; they have a warm and homely feel to them, often complimented with open fires and traditional décor that will perfectly suit your merry day. *You could even potentially save money on décor and ask the venue to leave the Christmas decorations up.*

Be sure to check accommodation options as well. If people can stay at the venue fantastic but if not (or some guests would prefer different cost options) then make sure there are places to stay nearby. In poor weather conditions people won’t want to travel far late at night. 


Bride's details for a winter weddingWinter Wedding Tip - Prepare for Comfort 

No-one wants to be cold or wet at a wedding so it pays to think ahead and plan for all eventualities. A great tip is to send an email to those attending your wedding a couple of days before the big day with the predicted weather forecast. It goes without saying that a forecast isn’t always accurate so just warn your guests and suggest they bring anything that may improve their comfort, you want them to avoid becoming victims of the weather. 

Keep them informed and be very clear with them about any time they might potentially be outside for and any distances that they have to travel between. If people come unprepared after this email, you can rest assured that you have done all you can.

If you want to be especially nice then you can pack blankets or pashmina’s to give out to those who have come unprepared especially if there is a plan to spend time outside.  

When you are buying attire for the wedding party remember to consider their comfort in your decision. The bridesmaids will remember for years if you insisted that they wore an outfit that left them feeling cold and uncomfortable all day. 

While you worry about everyone else though, don’t forget to consider your own comfort and your fiancés’. Every decision including the dress, shoes, venue and the car will have an impact on your overall contentment. On a cold winter wedding these small considerations can make a huge difference to how you feel throughout the best day of your life. 



Bride and her bridesmaids | Winter WeddingOther things to consider:

Not everyone you invite will accept the invitation. Christmas is an expensive time of year and attending a wedding may not be in the budget, also people may have traditions and travel plans they need to stick to as it is a time of year that families travel to see each other. Some older people may not want to come due to anxiety about the weather. 

The roads might be very busy as people visit their friends and family.

A professional photographer is a good investment as they will be able to make use of what little light there is on a cold winter’s day and still produce stunning pictures. 

To discuss wedding photography for any season, contact me for a non-obligation meeting so that I can provide a tailored and personalised quote. 



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