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Voiceover Artist by Capture this Moment Photography

Your Brand | Abbe Opher voiceover artist

I recently had the pleasure of working with Abbe Opher, a voiceover artist. Our paths had crossed previously, Abbe attended one of my workshops Instagram.

From that one meeting I remembered Abbe as being a warm, calm person with a wonderful voice that I could listen to time and time again.

It was  lovely to hear from Abbe once again especially during a time when the world was far from normal and to make plans for a Your Brand session. With a new website being built, Abbe was looking for a mix of images, including headshots, whilst working and some of the tools of her vocation.

With lockdown restrictions in place it meant we needed to be creative with our thinking and find a location that would give us variety, fit with Abbe's brand as well as sit well with the type of work she produces. Abbe is know for her work around is reading stories, meditations and relaxing visualisations to help adults and children destress and sleep, therefore we wanted a location that had a sense of calm, Abbe has one stipulation  - water! 


I created a mood board for Abbe's session using the images of her new website and took inspiration from her current social media feed to help me plan the type of images to create during our session.

Mood board for Abbe Opher Branding session


The weather was amazing on the day of our shoot,  the forest provided welcome shade and a variety of backdrops perfect for creating a variety of images to be used online on various platforms as well as on her website.


As is normal during my sessions, we chatted and relaxed into each other's company making it possible to create natural images. Abbe's choice of clothing was spot on for the session, it added a wonderful splash of colour in our natural location, suited her skin tone and her warm personality. I used the light available to me to create some dramatic images as well as calm, relaxed imagery.


Here are a few of my favourites from our session.

Abbe Opher by Capture this Moment Photography

Personal Branding Photography

Tools from Abbe Opher

Cup of Tea with Abbe Opher


Abbe Opher by Capture this Moment Photography



Abbe Opher - Branding Photography Session


Abbe - Voiceover Artist

Voiceover Artist Branding Session

Your Brand - Abbe Opher


Abbe Opher



Abbe Opher -Voiceover Artist

Your Brand Photography Session


Abbe - Your Brand Photography Session



"We met at our secret location in the woods and headed down the path to a place that never ceases to bowl me over with its verdant beauty. It's so lush, so green! I almost forgot she was with camera we were chatting so much.

Her ability to grasp my brand and my aspirations and capture it all in a visual language is brilliant. I look at the photos and realise she gets me and my work more than I do!

Looking forward to using her magical shots on my website and grid for time to come. Thank you Kathryn!" ~ Abbe


If you are looking to work with a brand photographer who cares about your business as much as you do, please do get in touch I would love to chat with you about your vision.



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