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Examples of Jo Snowdon's Work

Your Brand | Jo Snowdon Stained Glass

Before Christmas I had the pleasure of working with Jo from Jo Snowdon Stained Glass, on a Your Brand Photography Session I must admit I have been a fan of Jo’s for awhile, following her across her social media pages. I love her use of colour and the designs she creates are wonderful. So, when Jo approached me (whilst out walking the dog!) for a branding session, I jumped at the chance. For the session, we decided to photography a workshop so that Jo would have her own library of relevant, authentic images showing her clients the different aspects of her classes, the tools that would be used as well the various stages of creating a piece of stained glass. In this case, I would be taking part in the workshop as an attendee as well as photographing it. 

 On arrival, you can expect a warm welcome from Jo, it is visually inspiring with many wonderful examples of Jo’s work, colourful glass and lots of ideas of projects for you to complete during the workshop.


Jo Snowdon's colourful studioJo Snowdon's studio


Jo Snowdon's studio 

Jo explained how to use the tools safely, the different techniques for cutting glass and gave lots of helpful tips when things didn’t quite go to plan, there was lots of time to practice. I decided to make a patchwork effect panel in colours that would complement a newly decorated room at home, shades of blue and greys. 


Tools from Jo Snowdon Stained Glass


Planning out a design at Jo Snowdon


Colourful Glass 


Textured Glass at Jo Snowdon


Blue glass at Jo Snowdon Stained Glass

For each step, I photographed Jo whilst she demonstrated the skills and techniques needed - this will provide Jo with lots of material to use across her social media platforms as well as on her website and any other marketing material.



Planning out a design at Jo SnowdonSmoothing glass at Jo Snowdon Stained GlassGlass Cutting at Jo Snowdon stained glassVutting glass at Jo Snowdon Stained GlassBraking glass at Jo Snowdon Stained GlassTools from Jo Snowdon Stained GlassTools from Jo Snowdon Stained GlassWorkspace at Jo Snowdon


Soldering the pieces together - Jo SnowdonSoldering the pieces together - Jo SnowdonReady to solder - Jo SnowdonPreparing to solder - Jo SnowdonAttaching copper - Jo Snowdon Planning out a design at Jo SnowdonSoldering at Jo Snowdon Stained GlassLaying out your design at Jo Snowdon 

At the end of the workshop, Jo and I used the time to capture some headshots.

Jo SnowdonJo Snowdon Stained Glass


By the end of our session, I had created a varied library of images for Jo to use and created a wonderful piece of stained glass for our newly decorated bedroom.

My finished Design


If you would like to chat about how we can work in a similar way or how a Your Brand Photography session will be able to help you, please drop me a message.
























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