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The wedding photo checklist can help you avoid disappointment and get the wedding photos you want I know what you’re thinking – “Do I need a wedding photo checklist?” The answer is a huge yes, however, this isn’t something need to stash in your pocket and repeatedly pull it out and tick things off during the day! It […]

The wedding photo checklist

Bridal Bouquet by Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

As wedding photographers, we use a lot of terminologies that you may not understand. This blog is to help you get to know some of the terminology used in wedding photography. Traditional Traditional wedding photos are the standard portraits, poses, and events taken at weddings. These are the images that we get at every wedding, […]

Terminology of wedding photography

Bridal Bouquet by Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

I must admit this was session I have been planning and wanting to do for a long time! A pre-wedding photoshoot at Perrygrove Railway in the Forest of Dean. Perrygrove Railway is one of my favourite places to capture memories, whether it is a wedding, a family day out, an event or images for Perrygrove’s website. The […]


Couple sat on railway tracks at Perrygrove Railway | Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

They are part of the family! Why won’t you want to include them your special day? Sadly, this isn’t always practical, pets at weddings pose many challenges and sometimes it just isn’t possible.  If you happen to be getting ready at home, you can have your beloved pet appear in a few photos without too […]

9 Ways to Include Your Pets at Your Wedding

Bride with horse on wedding day | Gloucestershire Wedding Photography

Planning a spring wedding? Check out our checklist for a perfect spring wedding. Spring can seem like an idyllic time to get married in the Cotswolds. Weddings are surrounded by budding flowers, breaking sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass. Of course it is also worth remembering the heavy rain showers, storms or even a heat […]

Checklist for a Spring Wedding | Plan your perfect day

Cherry blossom with wedding rings | Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer