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Not everybody is a natural when it comes to having their photo taken. Sometimes it can be hard to put yourself in the spotlight like that. Many couples are camera shy but when it comes to your wedding day, it’s important to try and get the best possible photos to make long lasting memories that […]

Wedding Photography for Camera Shy Couples

Bride and Groom walking Bath| Capture this Moment Photography

Group shots on your wedding day which ones to include and how to best tackle them. For your guests (and you) it’s probably the most boring part of the day. – lots of hanging around, waiting to hear their name and smiling for the camera when really, your guests just want to spend time celebrating.  […]

Group shots on your wedding day

Group shot of Bridal Party, Parade Gardens, Bath

The wedding photo checklist can help you avoid disappointment and get the wedding photos you want I know what you’re thinking – “Do I need a wedding photo checklist?” The answer is a huge yes, however, this isn’t something need to stash in your pocket and repeatedly pull it out and tick things off during the day! It […]

The wedding photo checklist

Bridal Bouquet by Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

As wedding photographers, we use a lot of terminologies that you may not understand. This blog is to help you get to know some of the terminology used in wedding photography. Traditional Traditional wedding photos are the standard portraits, poses, and events taken at weddings. These are the images that we get at every wedding, […]

Terminology of wedding photography

Bridal Bouquet by Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

I must admit this was session I have been planning and wanting to do for a long time! A pre-wedding photoshoot at Perrygrove Railway in the Forest of Dean. Perrygrove Railway is one of my favourite places to capture memories, whether it is a wedding, a family day out, an event or images for Perrygrove’s website. The […]


Couple sat on railway tracks at Perrygrove Railway | Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer