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Advent photography

advent photography

9 months ago

I am sorry, I really am, and I know it’s only the beginning of November, but we’re going to have to talk about …. Christmas. I know it feels like only yesterday you were gorging on turkey and Christmas pudding but that time of year is nearing once again. However, we’re not going to talk about Christmas yet, so don’t worry, put down the Argos catalogue; there is no need to panic. Instead we’re going to discuss advent. 

Advent means advent calendars, Christmas preparations, chocolate, more recently Elf of the Shelf and now photography. This advent spend a little time, save some money and create these amazing advent activities and gifts.


A beautiful homemade advent calendar. 

This advent calendar is a great alternative to your typical chocolate calendars and once the festive season is over it leaves the recipient of the calendar with a lovely keepsake. With this calendar the recipient will be reminded every day of a lovely memory, and as this time of year is focused on family, a great way to unite your family is through a discussion of the story behind that day’s photo. 

This photography advent calendar is super easy to make and is a great present from kids to their parents.  The calendar is essentially just a piece of string or wire with 24 cards hungover it, all with a picture on the inside. If you have space in your house than you could simply hang the string and then place the cards on it or you could use an empty picture frame by attaching the wire thread in rows across the frame to hang the cards on.

Other modification ideas are:

  • Using photos printed in a Polaroid style or actual polaroid’s
  • Decorate the outside of the cards with paint, pen and washi tape
  • Writing sentimental comments or memories in the card 
  • Use mini clothes pegs instead of just hanging the cards over 

Simply cut 5 pieces of twine to a length of 30″ each and remove the glass and cardboard from the frame. Using the small metal brackets that were holding the glass in place, pinch the ends of each piece of twine to create 5 rows, but you could just use masking tape. Then, using the mini clothes pegs, hang each photo backward on the twine. Finally, hang the frame on the wall, or if it’s for a small child, set it on a table for easy access


Advent Photo challenge

Half the fun of Christmas is the build-up, so challenge yourself to take a picture every day to document the festive fun. This is also great preparation if you intend to make a Christmas photo album, as often on the day photos can be hard to capture. This way you already have 24 pictures in your album celebrating your Christmas. It is also just a really fun challenge and helps to motivate you to keep taking photos despite the cold weather.

If you chose to accept this challenge, then here are a few helpful hints and tips to get you started:

  • What you’re drinking- it might seem strange but a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate is definitely a good photo opportunity.
  • Footprints- document the change from shoes to boots, as well as the ground’s transition from grass or stone, to frost and snow. 
  • Christmas activities- such as going to see Father Christmas or making Christmas pudding and mince pies.  All you will need is some cork board, a Stanley knife, drawing pins and some photos, to make a stunning Christmas tree made entirely of photographs. 



 Create a photo Christmas tree

 All you will need is some cork board, a Stanley knife, drawing pins and some photos, to make a stunning Christmas tree made entirely of photographs. 

All you need to do is, purchase a piece of cork board cut it into a Christmas tree shape, decorate with photos and hang. Dependent on the size of tree that you want, pick the size of the cork board accordingly. Also, make sure to print plenty of photos and then just get creative, if you decide to do the Advent photo challenge this is a great place to display your work. 

Now, who’s wishing Christmas would hurry up?


Advent photography


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