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Celebrating Mums - photography ideas

Family photography, Forest of Dean

14 days ago

Mothering Sunday, despite its yearly occurrence, always manages to surprise me. Every

year I leave it a bit too late and have to resort to the typical fail-safe of a ‘world’s best

mum’ mug that I got whilst in a mad panic. Hardly the best way to communicate my

appreciation, I know. However, my struggle with mother’s day is not just remembering

when it is, it is also the difficulty of trying to relate such deep feelings of thankfulness

through a gift. If you, like me, have struggled to know what to buy your mum in the past

for mother’s day, and this year are struggling equally as much to think of what to give,

then just continue reading. Below I have gathered together a useful list of personal and

thoughtful potential mother’s day gifts, so that this year, for once, we can be organised

and give our mothers a gift they deserve.


Organise a photo shoot

A photo shoot is a great way for just you and your mum to bond. Or, if you prefer, you

could opt for a family photo, including more than just you two. Either way you’re sure to

have fun together, whilst making some beautiful memories in the form of photographs.

‘Capture this moment’ offer great family photoshoots, which can be tailored to you and so

the photos can be taken in a place of personal significance. Another photoshoot

alternative is to organise a personal photoshoot for just your mum and maybe go

preparation pampering beforehand to really spoil your mum. If you fear that you do not

have time now to arrange a photoshoot, you could book the photoshoot for after mother’s

day or buy a voucher, which can be redeemed later on at a convenient time.


Create a photo album

With a host of great online photo album creators this gift is exceptionally easy to make,

although handmade photo albums, with the nostalgia and timelessness are also great to

make. Handmade photo albums take a little more time but the time and effort that you

put into creating them is definitely communicated through this gift.



Create a Photo collage

This requires you to gather new and old photographs of your mother and make a collage

with them using either PVA glue or Modpodge. This can then be framed and is a great way

to gather lots of memories into one physical piece. A nice touch is to add small labels next

to photographs of inside jokes, descriptions of the moment or sections of conversation

remembered from that time. Another option of how to make a photo collage is to make it

online, which gives the gift a more polished appearance.

Get a personalised mug printed-

A very upgraded version of our usual present; this present is easy to make online, not very

expensive and a great present from children. A more creative version of this gift is to take

a photo of a childhood drawing you did of your mum or if you’re helping either your son,

daughter or sibling with their mother’s day present a picture they have drawn themselves,

and get this printed onto the mug.


Mum and me photography, Forest of Dean

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