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Checklist for a Spring Wedding

Cherry blossom with wedding rings

9 days ago

Spring can seem like an idyllic time to get married; budding flowers, breaking sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass. Of course it is also worth remembering the heavy rain showers, storms or even a heat wave are all just as likely during these unpredictable months. So whatever the weather does or doesn’t do, the key to a beautiful spring wedding is preparation. To help you we have put together an essential Spring wedding checklist so you can make sure that your big day has everything covered.


Spring weddings



  • An all Day Makeup Look  

A bride will often spend hours and a lot of money on having their makeup done perfectly in the morning but if the weather is hot, added to nerves and a fair about of disco dancing, the flushing bride look is replaced with a more sweaty appearance within a few hours. To keep all your makeup in place remember to pack a makeup setting spray, some products even promise 12 hours of perfection.


  • Umbrellas

Rain always gets a bad rep at weddings but remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation so make sure you have a stylish umbrella on hand. Even a quick trip from the car to the church in a spring rain shower can have a destructive impact on the overall look so don’t be caught short. As a bonus why not have a few spare so that your unprepared guests can benefit from your forward thinking.  


  • Sunscreen

UV rays will get through the cloud, sometimes the spring weather can give us a false sense of security and we can unwittingly become exposed to dangerous levels of sun. Don’t start your honeymoon with sunburn, slip sunscreen in your wash bag before your big day.


  • Spring Flowers

Seasonal flowers in spring are not only beautiful but they are also in abundance. This makes them both ethical and inexpensive. Look for tulips, roses, lilacs, hellebores and narcissi.


  • Layers

Always consider the changeable weather when you are planning what everyone is wearing including yourself. You need to be ready for that chill in the evening, if you are cold you won’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself as much. A long sleeve evening cardigan or wrap could be the perfect accessory, proving to be both practical and beautiful.


  • Hair raiser

Sometimes, an umbrella just isn’t enough to protect your hair. To save  your hair from those heavy spring downpours or heat wave humidity, pack some hair shine mist to stop the frizz and keep the cool look through every lock!


  • Heel Protectors

The showers of spring can leave any grassy areas soft and muddy. This is especially problematic when walking in heels. Heel protectors provide a wider surface area and stop you from sinking into the grass at every step.


  • Antihistamines

Spring spells the beginning of allergy season and many people are adversely affected as a result. Whether or not this is you, tick antihistamines off your checklist so that you can be sure that all your guests are able to enjoy an allergy free wedding!


  • Insect repellant

Insect bites are frustrating and potentially painful. How much of a problem bugs will be at your wedding will depend on how much time you plan on spending outside and if your venue is close to water. Either way though it is always better to be prepared.


  • Sunglasses

When the sun shines during spring it can be very bright and quite low in the sky. If you plan on spending time outside then squinting faces won’t look so good on the wedding pictures. To avoid having to grab a pair last minuet from the car, be prepared and buy a stylish pair that compliments your attire. Advice your guests to do the same.


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