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Real Gloucestershire Weddings - Roland and Emily

Bride and Groom portrait

8 months ago

This week's blog from Issy features Roland and Emily's wonderful teepee wedding in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside.



Before the main body of this blog starts, I would like to make an apology. An apology for how many times I use the word ‘beautiful’ or various other synonyms of said word. Its repetition can not be avoided, I have tried, I have failed and have come to the conclusion that Emily and Roland's day was beautiful and so it deserves to be described in said way. So let us begin …  


We arrived at Emily’s home in Arlingham early one Saturday morning and were kindly greeted by both Emily and her bridal party. The first thing we did was photograph Emily’s dress, shoes and earrings. Entrusted with Emily’s gorgeous dress and a few very expensive jewellery pieces, including one family heirloom, we photographed the pieces mostly on the families gorgeous wooden settle, which is personal to the family and a mystery in itself, in that its not quite known how it came to be where it is. Then Kathryn and I moved on to the exquisite flowers created by Louise Pritchard which we photographed out in the garden. Positioned on top of the family’s white gate the flowers looked beautiful and were only enhanced by the dappled sunlight coming through the orchard. The time of the wedding was creeping ever nearer and so the bridesmaids began to buckle their dainty shoes as Emily underwent the last finishing touches to her hair and makeup.

 Groom and Bridal prep, Gloucestershire Weddings

Flowers by Louise Pritchard, Gloucestershire

The bridesmaids ready, watched as Emily descended from the stairs in her dress.  All of them craning to see her and peaking out of the doorway to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bride. Once the bridesmaids were no longer spellbound by Emily’s beauty they got in to the Father of the Bride’s handsome vintage motor and were whisked off to the local church. Now I say ‘local church’, but it is much more than their ‘local church’, as it is the church where Emily was Christened in, attended and now married in. It is in a way ‘her’ church, as it has so much personal history to it, which made the service even more special and personal. 

Church wedding, Gloucestershire

Just married

The Church was full of people all waiting in anticipation to witness this loving marriage take place. The service was beautiful, enriched by the vicars personal knowledge of Emily and the lovely readings from the couple’s friends and family. After the service, a few group photos and a confetti shot were taken and it was time to go back to the bride’s childhood home, where in the grounds there was a massive tepee waiting, which the reception would be held in.


The tepee was amazing. It had a dance floor, plenty of space for the guests to sit down and eat, a relaxed cushioned area, a fire pit to roast marshmallows in and probably one of the most exciting things to any guest: a self serve bar crammed with real ale, homemade cider and perry. When the guests were arriving there were canapes and champagne being served, which soon led into all the guests mingling together, talking to one another and the bride and groom. Everyone was getting along, being friendly and talking to one another, something which never went away throughout the day and created a very friendly atmosphere. After the bride and groom had talked and greeted their guests, Kathryn and I did some couple photos of just the two of them. Finding somewhere to go was easy, as Emily’s family home was so beautiful and Kathryn had previously visited their house for their pre-wedding shoot. The couple, comfortable, relaxed and evidently deeply in love were the perfect subjects.


Teepee details


Guests enjoying the celebrations

Bride and Groom Portraits

Once the meal was over, it was time for the speeches, which had everyone in both fits of laughter and tears of happiness. Then in true military style, thanks to Roley’s (Rolands) background, they cut the cake… with a sword! After the extreme cake cutting came the Bride and Groom’s first dance, which was later followed by a lot more dancing from the guests. The dance floor in full swing and bar far from dry Kathryn and I said goodbye to the Bride and Groom, as we left them to enjoy their night.

Cake cutting and First Dance

toasting marshmallows on the fire pit

Emily and Roland’s wedding didn’t have the normally atmosphere of a wedding. I mean this in the best sense, it didn’t feel like two families attempting to mix together. Weddings are a time for the families to get to know one another, but often the mixing can be more like oil and water. Instead, it just felt like one big family. Throughout the day family was mentioned a lot, in the speeches, in the readings in church, and after Emily and Roland’s announcement, of the couples upcoming family. The day was so beautiful, both aesthetically and atmospherically, as the lovely feeling of family simply radiated throughout the day.


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