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When to photograph your children

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13 months ago

Funny faces, weird dances and crazy outfits, are all key elements of the photo album of my childhood. Each of these photographs tells a story, it reveals what my interests were, what I did and shows my transformation into who I am today. I am sure you similarly have photographs like these… some more embarrassing then others, but still cherished.  As a parent, I am sure you will want to cherish your child’s childhood and document it for them. There are some moments which cannot be predicted, but thanks to the help of smartphones, have become easier to capture. However, there are still key times when it is important to set time aside to photograph your child and their current growth. 

Birth to one year old 

Newborn photography session, Forest of Dean

A time full of, change, milestones and new experiences. There are many opportunities to photograph your child. Key events to capture are:

  • New-born session- generally taken at about 1-2 weeks old. During these 1-2 weeks you have probably been just a little tired… to say the least, so it is unlikely that your weary eyes have been able to appreciate the tiny toes, the blistered lips, and wrinkled back. However, your photographs will be able to and capture your new baby before they begin to change, as they do change so fast at this age. 
  • 6 month old session- About this time your baby will overcome another milestone, your baby will be reaching for toys, giggling, and probably the biggest change of all sitting up! Again, if your baby is not yet sitting up, wait a few weeks until that is possible, in order to get some amazing shots. Also, you could incorporate your baby’s 6 month session with a cake smash session, which are super fun and messy.
  • 1 year old session- so much would have changed between your last 6 month session and their 1st birthday. Your baby may be crawling, standing with help or even walking. This is definitely an important time to capture. 

2-4 years old

studio portrait session in Forest of Dean

The time most parents dread it’s the trouble-some twos but it is also a time of great development and excitement. 

  • Birthdays- during this young age the birthday parties are always eventful (to say the least) and full of excitement so it’s important to capture them. Often the parties and their themes track your son or daughters interests, which makes for interesting reflections, as you and your child can look back at them and see their progression.
  • Christmas- Father Christmas, presents and lots of delicious food, it’s a child’s dream. While the magic of Christmas is so strong it’s a great idea to capture your child at Christmas. 


5-10 years old 

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During this period, your child will transform and mature. This is an important time where they still have the innocence and enthusiasm of youth but are old enough to explore the world. 

  • First day of school- a key moment, for you and your child, so make sure to document them looking smart and ready for their first day of school.
  • 10th birthday- double digits! This is an exciting time, especially for your son or daughter, so it is important to capture this birthday. 

11-15 years old

tween outdoor portrait session, Forest of Dean

A time packed full of changes and new beginnings.

  • First day of secondary school- their next educational transition and a big one, which will be full of changes for them. 
  • 13th birthday- your child has become a teenager, which is a major milestone so it is important to capture this moment. You can do this either by photographing their birthday party, booking a photographer to do so or organising them a photoshoot, perhaps with friends or family. Photoshoots are not for everyone and so it may be worth considering whether your son or daughter would enjoy this. 

16-18 years old 

outdoor portrait session, Forest of Dean

The last stage of childhood, which will really see your son or daughter transform. 

  • First day of further education- this obviously depends on whether or not they’re going into further education but can be a great photo to show their progression from primary school to secondary school and then college/sixth form. 
  • 16th birthday- a big moment for many teenagers, as it marks the first beginning of their freedom. 
  • 18th birthday- no longer a child, from this day onwards it's important to get a photo of your son or daughter on this day, as it truly is the start of another chapter of their life: adulthood. Childhood is over now, you’ve documented and cherished it but there is just one last photo to draw it to a close…. 


I hope this compilation of key events and moments to capture, will be of use and will ensure you make a photo album for your child, which will be cherished forever.

If you would like to book a session to capture your child or indeed your family please email, or call on 07816 477243 to discuss your ideas and requirements.