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Photography for Small Businesses

When you are a business owner, the time that you save focusing on what you are supposed to do and not doing something else is very important. Hiring a profession photographer to photograph your business has many advantages and gives you time to focus on the important aspects of running a business. It creates a stock library of images which can be used across the internet, your website, social media platforms and blogs.

The images provide content for printed material and display items. Showcase your business and your products. Put a face to your business. 


Why should small businesses commission a professional photographer?


you need professional images taken by a professional photographers because they have the equipment and knowledge  to make your products look legit and professional.  The issue with pictures that you take yourself is that it looks “amateur” and you don’t want your clients to think you are an “amateur” or not a serious business.


you need images, visuals which are consistent. This means that your images are a reflection of your brand, your logo, your style. Everything has to be consistent. You can not post a blurry picture one day, and then a professional picture the other day. Your customers will get lost. Be consistent.


One off or monthly

Here at Capture this Moment Photography, I can offer one off sessions or monthly visits whatever suits your business. Before we start photographying your business we will chat about your aims, ideas, create mood boards and plan to ensure you get the right photography for your business. 

 Working in either a studio environment, your place of work, capturing an event the images will be  relevant to your business 


Pricing start at £75 per hour with optional extras including slideshows, timeline covers for social media, short films production.


product photography for small businesses


For more information or to discuss your ideas and requirements please contact me