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Your Pre wedding photoshoot

Is a pre-wedding photoshoot necessary? Well, I think they are which is why I include them in all my wedding photography packages.  


So what is a pre-wedding photoshoot?


The best way to think of it is as a trial run for your wedding photographer. When you book your hair, makeup, dress, cake you get to ‘try before you buy’.

Wedding photography is no different, if anything, it should be more carefully thought about. Remember, you only get one chance at your wedding. You want to make sure the person tasked with capturing the big day is going to get it right.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is something that can be used to ensure you picked the right photographer, you get along with them and they get along with you.  


  •  Pre-wedding photoshoots help to ease feelings of awkwardness

“But I am so awkward in photos, I always look bad. I hate getting my photo taken.” This is easily the most common thing I hear from couples during my first consultation. What if I told you I had the solution?  Pre-wedding photoshoots!

Pre-wedding photo shoots give you a chance to work with your photographer, and your photographer a chance to work with you. This is going to allow you to feel comfortable with the photographer pointing a camera at you, and gives an idea of how they operate, and what to expect from them on your wedding day. Furthermore, it gives your photographer a chance to work out how to pull the best out of you as a couple. They will notice how you react to the camera, and how to get you to feel natural and comfortable with each other.

Don’t feel bad. Of my hundreds of couples, not one has felt comfortable in front of a camera. You are totally normal! But trust me when I say, it usually takes no more than 5 minutes to alleviate nerves and break down awkwardness, at which point you will find yourself having a lot of fun. Once you realise your photographer is a professional, and does this for a living, there is no reason to feel awkward, it becomes a walk in the park. And don’t worry, your photographer will give you hints and tips to get you feeling natural. I get my couples to whisper inappropriate things to each other. It gets them laughing and relaxed, and takes their mind off my camera.



  •  Pre-wedding photoshoots help to get to know your photographer, and help them get to know you

Probably the most important reason for a pre-wedding photoshoot is simply…weddings are a huge day! The biggest day of your life! It is important to really get along with your photographer. Take this opportunity to get to know each other. we take  time to chat and really get to know each other. Find some common ground and before you know it you end up feeling like good friends. Do not overlook the importance of feeling this comfortable with your photographer, it can make or break your wedding, and the pre wedding session is the place to start working on this!





Why do a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Hopefully by now you realise the importance in having a pre-wedding photoshoot. Many couples who have done these shoots with me have stated “it gave us confidence, at least we knew how our photographer would be” and that “we didn’t realise it would be so fun, can’t wait to do it again!” The reasons to get a pre-wedding photoshoot, engagement photoshoot, engagement session, whatever you want to call it are numerous. Think of it this way, your photographer will be by your side for 10-12 hours on your wedding day. Capturing the most intimate moments of your life on camera for you and your family to remember forever.


Do you really want to trust that to a stranger you’ve never met before? If you want to chat about these sessions, or learn more, please just drop me a line and I would be glad to help in any way