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Family photography in the bluebells – updated for 2020 Normally April and May are always busy months for child and family photographers because of the emergence of the bluebells. Sadly, at the moment we are unable to capture any wonderful memories for you all. Here in the Forest of Dean, the bluebells are looking amazing and we are […]

Family photography in the bluebells

boy and girl sat on grass during family photo sessio | Gloucestershire Portrait Photographer

Feeling comfortable is essential if you want to take the best photograph of your family, and that means choosing the perfect outfits for everyone to wear, especially the kids. Here, Steve Cochrane, Managing Director of Childrenswardrobe, gives his advice to help you dress your child for a family photoshoot.  A family photoshoot is the perfect activity […]

5 tips to help you dress your children for a family photoshoot

Children on Family photo shoot| Gloucestershire family phoographer

Studio photography will always have a place in the industry. Because it is a controlled environment it is protected from unpredictable elements such as the weather and sunlight, for some photographers this makes it a preferable option. However, for me I would much prefer to grab my camera and head to the great outdoors.  So […]

Why Should You Choose an Outside Venue for Your Family Photo Shoot

Mum and child on family photography session | Gloucestershire Family Photography

Taking family photographs on a beautiful Spring day sounds idyllic but it’s not always that easy. Both children and the weather can be frustratingly indecisive. But however hard it can seem, the reality is though that your children will never be this age again, next Spring they will be a year older and this moment […]

Family photographs in Spring, make the most of the season

Children on Family photo shoot| Gloucestershire family phoographer

Whether you’re planning a family shoot, booking a wedding photographer or getting headshots done for your business, one thing that plagues a lot of people when they book a professional photographer is anxiety about what they will look like in the final pictures? Will they be good enough? Will they look overweight? What will other […]

Nervous about a professional photo shoot? 5 top tips to look your best

couple on photoshoot| Gloucestershire Portrait Photographer